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Note: Please allow 24 hours for us to process your Online Appointment Request. If your pet is having an EMERGENCY or needs to see a veterinarian urgently, please contact us right away at the following numbers. **Please do not submit an Appointment Request form for our ER. Instead, contact us directly, or if life-threatening, head to the nearest ER Boston West - Natick, MA (508)319-2117; Bulger Vet - Lawrence MA (978)725-5544; Capital District - Latham, NY (518)785-1094; Mass Vet - Woburn, MA (781)932-5802 Port City - Portsmouth, NH (603)433-0029; PVG - Chicago, IL (773)516-5800; SAVES - Lebanon, NH (603)306-0007; VERC - Honolulu, HI (808)735-7735;

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